Is the shooting range in Inverness open to the Public?


This is a PRIVATE gun club, PBRC Straight Shooter Range Club located in Inverness. This is NOT a commercial shooting range. It’s open to MEMBERS ONLY.  Members are allowed to come use the personal property.

To become a member, all you need to do is schedule a range safety orientation and pick the membership dues that work best for you.

Where are you located?

We are located at 250 South Tabitha Path Inverness FL, 34450.

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What guns can I shoot at the Inverness Shooting Range?

We allow all handguns including magnums.  No 50 cal or black powder.

We allow .22 rifles as well as other hunting rifles that fire pistol calibers.  (ex. 9mm, .223, .556 and shotgun slug and buck) on the  pistol range only.

On the clay pigeon site, we only allow bird shot 7 1/2 or smaller and we prefer steel shot for the environment, if you can get it.

We do have plans to build a rifle range in the future.

What are your hours?

Monday : 9a-6p
Tuesday : 9a-6p
Wednesday : 9a-6p
Thursday : 9a-6p
Friday : 9a-6p
Saturday :9a-6p
Sunday : 9a-6p

How can I reserve a spot?

First, we’ll need you to attend a shooting range safety orientation. Use the form below to get more information!