Schedule Range Safety Orientation

Become a Member of the PBRC Shooting Club in Inverness!

Benefits of becoming a member of our shooting range:

  1. Enjoy unlimited access to our quiet and private shooting range in Inverness, FL
  2. Experience acceptance into a community of passionate and kind 2nd Amendment supporters
  3. Club members may bring friends and family for just $10 per person donation
  4. Exercise your freedom to protect your family
  5. Schedule shooting sessions as often as you’d like!

Membership is a 3 Step Process

  1. Sign up for your 45 minute range safety orientation using the form below
  2. Attend our range safety orientation
  3. Pay your membership dues

What is the range safety orientation?

Range safety orientation is a simple and free training class has 3 main goals:

  1. Re-establish safety procedures, range rules, and membership options
  2. Ensure public safety by setting range expectations
  3. Invite new members into our community range club!